November 18, 2021 Current Observations (Chris Stapleton edition)

It’s just over a week since the CMA awards, so we can see which of the performances actually made a significant impact. As usual, the correct answer is Chris Stapleton. Fans of lesser artists harass and belittle him all over the internet, but time after time, he greatly outperforms the others. Apparently, I’m not on an island with my opinion, either. Look at the number of views of the CMA awards performances on YouTube. “Cold” has the most, followed the Jennifer Hudson performance, which also included Chris Stapleton. A few months ago, his performance at the CMT awards drew the most views of any of the CMT awards performances. “Cold” isn’t even a radio single, but after the CMA awards performance, “Cold” spiked to number one on iTunes all-genre. His album “Starting Over” did the same.

Hits Daily Double posted a “Rumor Mill” article about the numbers for Taylor Swift’s album. Whatever you think of Taylor Swift’s music, it’s eye-opening to see the record-setting numbers she continues to generate. Time will tell whether her single (with Chris Stapleton on backing vocals) will stick at country radio. Note that the Stapleton “Traveller” album from May 2015 is still impacting the all-genre chart. Since today’s post turned into a Chris Stapleton edition, I’ll also mention his duet tomorrow with Adele. This is Adele’s first attempt at country radio. I have no idea whether it will get anywhere, but it’s a curiosity that an Adele song featuring Chris Stapleton will be at country radio at the same time as a Taylor Swift song featuring Chris Stapleton, while Chris’ own single “You Should Probably Leave” is still slowly rising on the country chart. Oh, and if all that isn’t enough, Chris Stapleton opened for George Strait a few days ago and Chris and George sang a cover of “Waymore’s Blues.”

When I began making today’s post, I planned to get around to a variety of topics, but all the major news kept circling back to this one artist, who had an absolute monster of a week.

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