10/30/20 New Music This Week

Albums out today include Becky Buller, Wynonna, Bart Crow, Austin Hyatt, Sam Morrow, Austin Lucas, Cam, Matthew West, and Strung Like A Horse.

Earlier this week, WWE Elias released a four-song EP. His “Rising Sun” arrangement of “Amazing Grace” is like a rock version of the Blind Boys Of Alabama version.

Country hall of fame legend Whisperin’ Bill Anderson has a new song out today. He first charted in the 1950s !

Clay Walker released a duet with Ryan Upchurch that has a good bit of steel guitar.

10/26/20 Reba19 vs Reba20

Last year, Reba McEntire was an outspoken critic of recent mainstream country music trends. Here’s a quote from a PBS interview: “I would really like it to get back to the real strong country, the country of Merle Haggard, Conway Twitty, Ronnie Milsap, Mel Tillis. I miss that kind of country.”

So, what about this year ? Last month, Reba released a deluxe version of an album from thirty years ago. The most notable addition is a Dave Aude remix of “Fancy,” and she released a video for it last week.

Sara Evans is another artist who has spoken against modern country music trends, particularly “bro country.” Sara released an EDM remix of a disco song a few days ago.

I’m usually fine with people experimenting with different styles of music, but it just goes to show that actions speak louder than words.

10/24/20 Playlist Updates

Yesterday was packed with interest new releases, so you’ll find many additions to my September-December list. Here’s the big list of links, which includes over 150 YouTube playlists:


Chris Stapleton’s new song “Arkansas” is a lot of fun. Turn the speakers way up !

Luke Combs’ deluxe album is putting up big numbers, as expected, so I’m curious to see just how high the numbers shake out in the all-genre sales and streaming rankings.

Let’s also take a look at a few that haven’t received as much attention from many country sites.

91-year-old Jesse McReynolds is featured in a new bluegrass video by High Fidelity. If you’re not familiar with the oldest living Grand Ole Opry member, then be sure and go back and enjoy his many decades of work. He has covered everyone from Chuck Berry to The Grateful Dead in a bluegrass style.

The Sons of the Palomino released an 18-song double album that should find favor with country traditionalists of the honky tonk variety. I’m surprised how little coverage this project has received so far.

Terry McBride’s new album also deserves a whole lot more attention from traditional country fans than it has received so far. This is good honky tonk music, folks. Patty Loveless sings on the title track.

Kylie Frey’s new EP has received some coverage, but should receive even more. Many other “women of country” who are pushed by CMT and others sorely lack the “of country” part of the equation.

10/22/20 New Music This Week

I usually wait until Friday to post new music, but it looks like a busy week, so let’s see what’s coming up tomorrow:

Luke Combs (deluxe version of existing album), Sons Of The Palomino, Terry McBride, Kylie Frey, Steve Azar, Darrell Scott, Rachel Brooke, Maddie and Tae (Christmas), Kari Jobe, David Quinn, Northcote, Drew Parker, and South For Winter all have new albums.

Chris Stapleton has a new song out at midnight, so that will be my starting point for tomorrow’s busy day of listening.

I don’t often cover the “independent country rap” scene, but I have a little time, and I’m always looking for something a little different to listen to and to write about. Rather than make a separate post, I’ll throw it out there now, so we have something different to listen to now while waiting for the other types of music tomorrow:

Demun Jones released an EP entitled “Country Rap” on Tuesday.

Midwestern rapper Adam Calhoun reached one million YouTube followers this week, and here’s his video explaining country rap:


I’ve mentioned Ryan Upchurch before within the context of Luke Combs’ career, but Upchurch has quite a sizable following of his own (2.17 million YouTube subscribers). He both sings and raps. Three weeks ago, Upchurch released a video, “Said F- It” that already has over 3.2 million YouTube views, and includes a couple of funny jabs at Luke Combs and Kane Brown: