8/17 Update

Well, I watched the CMA Fest coverage on prime time television yesterday. It is interesting to me that the roughly 30-minute opening performances each of the four nights at the stadium were not shown (Kenny Rogers,Trace Adkins,John Anderson,Tracy Lawrence). These performers were all advertised when the CMA stadium lineup was first announced. Three acts who were very late additions to the lineup, and who performed for a scant ten minutes apiece (Old Dominion,Brett Young,Dustin Lynch) were featured on TV, as was a non-stadium performance by Dan & Shay.

Oh, well. It was nice to see pedal steel featured on at least four of the televised performances. Here’s a 20-song sampler from some of the artists who appeared at Nissan Stadium: 2017 CMA Stadium Sampler

8/13 Update

I had $30 worth of free ad credit to use on my FB site, so I ran a single ad over two weeks. I targeted the ad equally to men and women in Texas who listed “music” as an interest,yet 96.4% of the reactions to the ad were from men. I don’t know why it is so lopsided, but I will maintain efforts to showcase a diverse array of talent and styles on my page. After all, I do this as a small-scale hobby, not a business.

6/29/17 Update

I started this blog at the start of the year. The 2017 New Country Showcase is something I’m constantly tinkering with. The hundred songs currently on the list are all songs that are not on the country top 40 charts. Many countries are represented so far – Canada, Sweden, Ireland, UK, Finland, Italy, New Zealand, and Australia. This playlist follows the same basic formula as my Country & Western Music, 2015-2016 200-song sampler. I regularly post video links and assorted content on the Robert’s Country Blog Interactive Facebook page, including hundreds of pictures I’ve taken (Americanafest 2016,SXSW2017, Grand Ole Opry, CMA Fest 2017,etc).



4/16/17 update – Easter Sunday ! 2017 New Country Showcase is up to 1,425 views. 70 or so songs have shuffled on and off the list, which is currently at 50 songs. I was getting a little too weighted toward bluegrass. I haven’t gotten much traffic on Robert’s Country Blog-Facebook , but will continue to add photos and such there.

3/22/17 update- Spotify sampler – a few of the artists I saw at SXSW 2017. Different genres are included, but there’s a good bit of country: 2017 SXSW Spotify Sampler- Artists I Saw

3/20/17 update – Not that anyone reads this, but I attended the last four days of SXSW unofficial showcases, and put up several dozen photos on the FB page. Unofficial SXSW Album

3/10/17 update – Added Robert’s Country Opinion Facebook  I will add interactive content there, and keep the main page here mostly the play lists.

3/7/17 update – Thanks for the response to the page, which I started just after the first of the year ! New Country Showcase on Youtube has over 700 page views, so as long as I keep finding songs that folks enjoy listening to, I’ll keep growing this thing. I don’t get anything out of it, other than satisfaction in finding some good music. I had planned to have more like 10-20 songs by this point in the year than the current 43, so I’ll probably cycle some of these off as new things come in. I also filled out the Americana Spotify to 100 songs.

As with the  2015-2016 Country & Western Playlist, the goal of the 2017 New Country Showcase is to showcase a wide variety of country, bluegrass, Americana music that is mostly beneath the radio top 40. I also maintain a variety of other playlists at  MyYoutubeChannel including some other genres of music.

Also, I’ll be adding things to MySpotifyChannel   , such as Southern Rock 2010-     A Little Space In The Country  Foot Stompin’ Music  World of Country     13 Country Ghosts     Songs About Alabama     Country Angels and Devils       Country From the Heart    Old Country Dozen     Newer Outlaws     Tulsa     All-Genre Mix   Americana 2015-2017    Dog Gone Dozen

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Welcome to my little music blog. I listen to a good bit of country and bluegrass, assorted instrumentals, and anything else I feel like. Basically, I decided to do this for my own benefit, to keep links that I like handy, and provide updates related to myyoutubechannel     I update my Youtube playlists regularly, and plan to fill out the “new country showcase 2017” list over the course of the year with music you won’t hear on mainstream radio, and if my 2015-6 “country&western” playlist is any indication, even some that most media and bloggers overlook. I’ll also add some Spotify playlists from time to time. Here’s the “Country From The Heart” playlist (mostly slower, more sentimental songs) Country From the Heart           and the “Foot Stompin'” playlist (mostly upbeat country, but a few other oddball things thrown in): MySpotifyPlaylistFootStompin