1/22/18 Independent Music

I’m always looking for new music. Here are some sources:

The Iceman’s Top 40 New Country Chart

Fan Voted Chart

Hotdisc Chart (UK & Ireland)

Texas Music Pickers’ Texas Music Spotify Chart

European Bluegrass Music Association Bands

Tamworth Festival Artists Australia


1/21/18 CMT Next Women of Country

Unfortunately, this One Country article CMT’s Next Women Of Country: Get to Know The Ladies Behind The Music largely reflects that a huge problem with Nashville mainstream country, regardless of gender, is that most of these people being promoted are pop wanna-bes. I’m not that much of a “country purist,” but when you have supposedly “country artists” saying their career goals are to open for Chance the Rapper, Bruno Mars, or Coldplay, it’s fair to question how “country” their own music is ? If we’re going to promote “women of country” (or “men of country”), the “of country” part deserves consideration.

Erin Enderlin and Ashley McBryde are good picks. It’s not surprising that they gave solid interview answers. Some of the others ? Well, I hope they have more interest in country music than the short One Country interviews indicate.



1/20/18 Ten New Albums

Abbie Gardner, “Wishes on a Neon Sign”

Wylie & The Wild West, “2000 Miles From Nashville”

Charlie McNeal, “Runaway Train”

Dusty Rust, “Stolen Horse”

Kristy Cox, “Ricochet”

First Aid Kit, “Ruins”

Lanco, “Hallelujah Nights”

Michael Carubelli “The Hustle”

Brittany Jean, “Wander With Me”

Nicholas Jamerson, “NJ”

1/19/18 The Swampers

Here’s an article about an album of instrumental “lost recordings” from the early 1970s released today by The Swampers of Muscle Shoals. Here’s a couple of the songs, Cruisin’ Jackson Highway  and  Muscle Shoals Malmo Express  Since this is just a collection of instrumentals, this is unlikely to get much coverage, but the Swampers and Muscle Shoals influenced American music across genres, including today’s Americana scene.


1/18/18 Land of the Rising Sun

Bluegrass Today article about Bluegrass45 inspired this post.

Shoji Tabuchi & daughter Christina in Branson

Hank Sasaki, Thank God For Country Music

Willy Okiyama, Cattle Call

Fiddling Leona Tokutaki – Sweet Potato Chips

Nobody’s Darling

Chiemi Eri, Tennessee Waltz (1952)

The Bucketeers – White Lightning

MM King covers Johnny Cash’s Cocaine Blues

Japan Yodel

And here’s a bit of yodel-pop: Takeo Ischi, Chicken Attack


1/16/18 Ten More New Albums

Eleven Hundred Springs, “The Finer Things In Life”

Anderson East, “Encore”

Caney Creek, “Cool Kentucky Rain”

The Delta Bombers, “Pressure and Time”

Dalton and the Sheriffs, “After the Parade”

Meghan Patrick, “Country Music Made Me Do It”

Nick Hirsch, “Full Moon Fools”

Sonia Leigh, “Mad Hatter”

Six String Crossing, “Got Me Writing”

Evergreen Shakers, “What Granddad Gave to Me”




1/15/18 Assorted Items

The Academy of Western Artists Awards released the top five finalists in each category, including several artists we’ve mentioned here or included in playlists.

Cocaine and Rhinestones is a great country music history podcast. I don’t generally get into “podcasts,” but this one posts the transcripts, and I’ve read every episode.

Fayfare Opry Blog is the main place I look for detailed information about the Grand Ole Opry.  Fayfare’s 2017 Year In Review is jam packed with data.

Ameripolitan Awards released a schedule of showcase performers.

Today’s featured bit of history is Sylvester Weaver’s Guitar Rag  from 1927, which was later adapted as “Steel Guitar Rag,” and widely popularized by Bob Wills and others. Numerous versions have been made ever since – some instrumental, and some with lyrics. Here’s Johnny Cash – Steel Guitar Rag   Teea Goans has a version on her 2017 album. Of course, one might wonder if there were even earlier tunes than Weaver’s version, but in any capacity, this is a quite old tune that continues to stand the test of time.



1/14/18 Ten Recent Songs

I haven’t had the chance to listen to all of these, but most of these are song releases ahead of 2018 albums…

 Wherever You Are by Scotty McCreery

Good People (official video)  by Josh Grider

Wade Bowen has released several songs early: Acuna  Day of the Dead  So Long Sixth Street  Death, Dyin’ & Deviled Eggs

Buzzard’s Bluff by Jodee Lewis (album in March)

Burnt Out by Alayna

Mike and the Moonpies, Country Music’s Dead    Road Crew


1/13/18 Eli Bishop

My brother and I were just watching the MTV talent show “Amazingness,” and one of the acts was a guy clapping his hands insanely fast while accompanying musicians played fiddle and bass fiddle. I couldn’t quite place where I had seen the guy before, so I looked him up. Sure enough, Eli Bishop is a fiddle player I saw at the New Monday show (traditional country and bluegrass) at Nashville’s Station Inn. Here’s a clip of him playing fiddle with Ashley Campbell playing banjo   and here’s the hand clapping

In other news, I see that the Eleven Hundred Springs album is listed for 1/16/18 on Amazon. I saw them a few months ago. This is good Texas honky tonk music.