8/27 Update

Well, I’m stuck at the house a couple days thanks to all the rain from the outer edge of Hurricane Harvey. Thankfully, we didn’t get anything too bad from it here. My next “major” coverage here will be Americana week in Nashville. Americanafest itself is 9/12-17, but I’ll also go to events at the CMHOF during the afternoons, and I’ve extended my trip to include concerts by The Time Jumpers and by Kendell Marvel, whose album will be released 10/13. Included are songs he cowrote with Chris Stapleton, whose “From A Room Vol 2” is tentatively scheduled for 12/1. As always, my daily updates are on the Robert’s Country Blog FB Edition  My 2017 New Country Showcase (which excludes songs that made the top 40 radio, since there are many lists including such songs already) sits at 150 songs at the 3/4 mark of the year. It was at 100 songs at the halfway point. So, I figure I’ll probably try to total 200 songs at year’s end.

8/22 Update

Well, I watched the CMA Fest coverage on prime time television the other day. It is interesting to me that nothing was shown from the roughly 30-minute opening performances each of the four nights at the stadium (Kenny Rogers,Trace Adkins,John Anderson,Tracy Lawrence). Here’s a 20-song sampler from some of the artists who appeared at Nissan Stadium: 2017 CMA Stadium Sampler

Here’s a new Kentucky Sampler on Spotify

I continue adding to the New Country Showcase on Robert’s Youtube Channel   and providing daily updates on Robert’s Country Blog FB Edition