9/30 Early Women of Country & Western

Recently, popular country site “Taste of Country” posted an article entitled  Country Music’s 30 Most Powerful Women of All Time  Taking nothing away from any of their choices or opinions, I note that the furthest back they went was Kitty Wells, whose breakthrough came in 1952. I believe an “all time” list should also include those who made significant contributions to the genre even earlier, such as Maybelle Carter, as the Carter Family defined early “country music” as much as anyone, and early western stars like prolific songwriter Cindy Walker, and Patsy Montana. Here’s an article about Patsy Montana and Waylon Jennings


9/6/17 – CMA Awards thoughts

For the most part, I don’t care who wins what, but I’m bored, so here are some random thoughts: CMA Awards Nominees

  • Entertainer – Does Garth win again, for a “lifetime achievement” type of deal ? Does Church get credit for an absolute monster of a tour in the last year ? Does Luke get a boost from a rumored American Idol judgeship ?  Urban turns 50 next month, so do they give it to him as sort of a last hurrah before being “aged out” of mainstream radio, which generally shuns older performers ? Does Stapleton get it for the most dominant albums from 2015-present (Billboard #1 country album in 2015, again in 2016, and top 2 albums in the first half of 2017) ? My guess is Garth.
  • Album – I think Chris & Jason will split a block of votes, and the two groups will split a block of votes, leaving Miranda the winner by default.
  • Female Vocalist – Alison Krauss would be my pick over the choices given.
  • Male Vocalist – Chris Stapleton.
  • Song/single – Same finalists ? Just combine these categories… Oh, and in addition to the CMA’s choices, I suggest checking out “Outta This Town” by Sons of the Palomino, “40 Years” by Jason Eady, “Old Country Song” by Wade Hayes, “Black Jesus” by Channing Wilson, and “Lucifer And the Fallen Angels” by Ray Wylie Hubbard.
  • Group – I’d have liked seeing the Steel Woods in this spot, or even a “retro” act like Sons of the Palomino or Country Side of Harmonica Sam
  • Duo – Rhonda Vincent & Daryle Singletary sound great together, and would get my vote over any of the listed picks. Nothing against Maddie & Tae, but how are they nominated, when they didn’t even release an album in the last year ?
  • Musical Event of the Year – The Glen Campbell/Willie Nelson one would be my pick of the five given.
  • Video – “Bottle By My Bed” by Sunny Sweeney would be my pick over any of the CMA’s choices.