Welcome to my little music blog. I listen to a good bit of country and bluegrass, assorted instrumentals, and anything else I feel like. Basically, I decided to do this for my own benefit, to keep links that I like handy. If anyone else  enjoys it, fine. If not, fine. Here’s Robert’s Country Facebook , where I post frequent short updates (usually a single song or link). Here is a link to  MyYouTubechannel  , which is the main thing this blog grew out of. I started a “new country playlist” for stuff that wasn’t on the radio back in 2015, and didn’t start this blog until the first day of 2017.  I do not regularly keep up with the other formats, but I tinkered with a few of these at some point, so here they are: MySpotifyChannel and MyPandoraStations  and MyReverbnationCountryPlaylist  and Soundcloud Stapleton and More