Welcome to my little music blog. I listen to a good bit of country and bluegrass, assorted instrumentals, and anything else I feel like. Basically, I decided to do this for my own benefit, to keep links that I like handy. If anyone else  enjoys it, fine. If not, fine. I like what I like, but I dislike artists who bash others. Everyone likes different music. Yet, it seems everywhere else you go, there are fans and even some artists spending great effort to put down others.

Here’s Robert’s Country Facebook , where I post frequent short updates (usually a single song or link). Here is a link to  MyYouTubechannel  , which is the main thing this blog grew out of. I started a “new country playlist” for stuff that wasn’t on the radio back in 2015 and a Stapleton playlist, but didn’t start this blog until the first day of 2017.  I do not regularly keep up with the other formats as much (though I have added to the Spotify lists this year), but here they are: MySpotifyChannel and MyPandoraStations  and MyReverbnationCountryPlaylist  and Soundcloud Stapleton and More