Welcome to my little music blog. I listen to a good bit of country and everything else. I like all sorts of obscure music. Basically, I did this for my own benefit, to keep links that I like handy.

Here’s Robert’s Country Facebook , where I post short updates (usually a single song or link). Here is a link to  MyYouTubechannel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9OYpHAKYFm-m-HjMbwISBw , which is the main thing this blog grew out of. I started a “new country playlist” on YouTube back in 2015, and I began this blog the first week of 2017. 

Here’s my huge list of over two hundred playlists: https://countryopinionblog.wordpress.com/music-playlists/

I enjoy a wide range of music, and hopefully those reading this will enjoy it, too.