June 19, 2022 Augie Meyers at Devil’s Backbone Tavern

Last night, we saw Texas legend Augie Meyers at the Devil’s Backbone Tavern, which has been on quite a roll booking great acts. “Texas music” is really the best way to describe Augie’s music. There’s some classic country like the opening song “Is Anybody Going To San Antone,” a couple of Bob Wills songs, “It Wasn’t God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels” and “Crazy Arms,” but also some blues, rock and roll, and some Texas Tornadoes Tex Mex.

There were six band members on stage, including Augie, but he mentioned that he often tours with two more, a trumpet player who had another show, and western swing great Bobby Flores, who is battling cancer. If you’re into classic country and western swing, you’ll definitely want to look up his music.

Augie is also very funny! He tells great stories and jokes between songs. He was also generous with his time with fans, and we got to talk to him before the show. He and Flaco Jimenez have been working on a new album. We saw Flaco last year, who is also very entertaining.

On Thursday, we saw David Beck’s Tejano Weekend at San Marcos Summer In The Park. David is based in San Marcos, as is his father, whom we’ve seen playing bass for a few acts. A decade or so back, David was in a country duo with Paul Cauthen, who might be more familiar to some of you outside the San Marcos area. The last time we saw David was at Krause’s in New Braunfels with Alex Meixner. At Summer In The Park, David Beck’s Tejano Weekend did cover a few classic country songs during their set (Willie Nelson, George Strait, Billy Joe Shaver, etc) in addition to the more Tex Mex sounding material. It’s very common in this part of Texas to hear bands play a variety of styles, but classic country is usually in the mix.

I think of “Texas music” as a category that overlaps other genres to some degree. Louisiana is much the same way. Bands are labelled every sort of genre, but they all seem to draw from everything. To be certain, you can find Texas acts and Louisiana acts who are straight up country all the time, but there are also many acts who hit you with classic country one minute and something different the next.

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