May 24, 2022 Current Thoughts

The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum posted the only known photo of country pioneers Fiddlin’ John Carson and Eck Robertson together in 1919. I’ve mentioned often that it is a shame that the country pioneers such as these are not in the hall of fame. The CMHOF post says to “stay tuned for more about events to mark the anniversaries of their recordings,” so that’s worth keeping an eye on.

Eck Robertson made his first records in 1922 and Fiddlin’ John Carson sang on radio in 1922. Here we are a hundred years later and these artists still aren’t in the hall of fame. I have all sorts of oddball playlists, but I also have some very straightforward lists of early recordings: Robert’s Music Playlists. I have lists for pre-1920 and 1920-1922 “pre-country,” plus lists for 1923 and 1924 early country.

There are many Texas festivals going on in the next couple of weeks, but I have seen many of these acts already and I don’t want to shell out much $$$ if I can help it. I looked into the Kerrville Folk Festival and tickets for the whole 18-day festival are $710 plus taxes and fees! There is no way I will pay that. I have seen some of those acts for free.

In two weeks, I’m going to Nashville for CMA Fest. The lack of legends is really disappointing. Alan Jackson is the only hall of famer scheduled so far. CMA Fest has always featured a lot of “today’s country radio artists” that I mostly don’t care about, but there was usually at least one stage dedicated to the legends, and that was my main place to hang out. I’ll still find a way to have a good time, because I do that anywhere I go, but why are they excluding the legends this year? I’m planning to see the Grand Ole Opry that Tuesday and Marty Stuart at the Ryman Wednesday, and I’ll see hall of famers at those shows. I considered adding a day to the trip to see Dean Dillon at the Bluebird Cafe on Monday, but the Bluebird is still recommending masks and I refuse to go along with that at this point.

San Marcos Summer In The Park posted its lineup of free shows, and as usual, there’s a good variety. Dale Watson and Brave Combo are acts I saw there last year who are back this year. I’ve seen The Georges and Two Tons of Steel a few times. Summer In The Park has been around since 1987 and it’s always enjoyable, as long as the weather cooperates. Ticket prices have skyrocketed many places, so I appreciate these free local events all the more.

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