3/27/21 Aerobic Country

There have been many, many fads in country music over the decades. Most are quickly tossed aside after the fad has expired, and the history is rewritten to pretend that country music in the good ole days was “pure.” Some of us remember the “forgotten” trends, though.

In the early 80s, there was a workout music fad, and as with every other pop trend, country tried to get in on it.

Let’s take a look at just a few of these efforts:

From 1982, here’s Dorian Dammer’s 20 Aerobic Country Hits

Irlene Mandrell’s “Texercise” (1983) doesn’t appear to be on YouTube in its entirety, but here’s a five-minute clip.

How about Chet Atkins ? Yes, even Chet Atkins released a country exercise album in 1983, “Work It Out With Chet Atkins CGP.” The “CGP” is for “certified guitar picker.” Chet Atkins is who certified himself and a few others with this very pretentious title.

Jon Devlin’s “Country Aerobic Dancercise” was released in 1981, but it doesn’t appear to be on YouTube. JD Feelgood and the Nashville All Stars released “Aerobics Country Style” in 1982. Discogs has a couple more aerobic country albums from 1982 that I couldn’t find on YouTube.

Olivia Newton-John was on the country charts in the 1970s, but in 1981, she released the pop video “Physical.”

Of course, country workout music is still around in various forms, but you don’t see a lot of albums made specifically for that purpose like in the early eighties.

Bob Couch released the country workout video Pump Iron in 1985.

Diane Horner made many country workout tapes on VHS tape, especially in the early 90s. Some of her work is on YouTube. Her 1994 effort “Country Hip Hop” is noteworthy.

2 thoughts on “3/27/21 Aerobic Country

  1. Ironically, Irlene Mandrell was one of the cast members of ‘Hee Haw’ in this time period and she appeared in the sketch, “Fit as a Fiddle”. Mickey Mouse even got into the act…I remember in first grade the teacher played a vinyl album called “Mouse-er-Size”, an obvious play on the word ‘exercise’.

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