2/25/21 New Music This Week

Ray Stevens has a new album out Friday, “Great Country Ballads.” This is the first of four new albums on the way from Ray this year. Yes, the hall of famer is releasing four albums in four months !

Willie Nelson has a Frank Sinatra tribute album, Dale Watson has a Memphis instrumental album, Ian Munsick has a new album, Addison Johnson has a new album, and Hailey Whitters has a deluxe version of her last album. Charley Crockett released a tribute album to James Hand.

My 2021 Country Videos list has been slow going, but some of the recent additions are from Kentuckians Marty Brown and Dillon Carmichael.

One thought on “2/25/21 New Music This Week

  1. The ‘Great Country Ballads’ album from Ray Stevens is great, in my biased opinion. The follow-up, ‘Melancholy Fescue’, is just as good and a lot more up-tempo considering it’s a Bluegrass flavored album. Later this month he’ll issue a ballad heavy album called ‘Slow Dance’.

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