2/21/21 Some Recently Uploaded Music

Coffey Anderson released the song Back The Blue on February 11th. Notice how the mainstream media has avoided covering this one, since it is pro-police. Check it out.

Camille & Haley also released a song last month called Back The Blue. It’s a different song, but also honoring the police.

Last year, conservative rappers Forgiato Blow and Bryson Gray also released a song called Back The Blue

The Hawaiian Pistoleros are in France, but specialize in western swing and Hawaiian music. If you’re in the mood for steel guitar, check ’em out. Here’s Na Lei O Hawaii

Yesterday, Take’s Bluegrass Channel uploaded Richard Bailey’s 1985 album, Night Light. Since 2005, Richard Bailey has been the banjo player for The Steeldrivers, but he has a very extensive list of credits, starting in 1978 when he was in high school and played on an Al Green album. The title song of “Night Light” includes synthesizer, which you might not expect on a banjo album.

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