11/28/20 Polish Country Music

Poland doesn’t have as much of an established country music presence as some other European countries, but I was able to find enough for a solid list:

Polish Country Music

My starting point is the 1926 Polish cover of Vernon Dalhart’s “Prisoner’s Song” by Władysław Ochrymowicz. Let’s also take a look at some Polish dances and the musical styles that accompany them:

History of mazurka

History of oberek

Polka or polska

History of polka

“The modern American polka is distant from its European roots… The distinct Polish-American version of the polka has roots in working class communities of the East Coast and the Midwest with mixed Polish, German and Czech populations.”

I have a Country Polka playlist. Polka songs impacted the country charts in the 1940s, including a couple of number one country hits, but now, that’s mostly forgotten history:

Country Polka Playlist

American country greats Marty Robbins, Pee Wee King, and Dave Dudley had Polish ancestry.

One thought on “11/28/20 Polish Country Music

  1. There is a Polish bluegrass/country band called The Bluegrass Destroyers, but that is all that I have been able to find from Poland that has some cred. Polish country/bluegrass festivals usually import bands from surrounding countries or book bands that may have a country tinge.

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