11/9/20 Staplemania: The Chris Stapleton Playlist

Chris Stapleton has a new album coming out this week. He moved to Nashville way back in 2001, and has made a whole lot of music since, even though most of us didn’t know about him until a few years ago.

My Staplemania playlist has a few hundred entries, so there’s plenty to check out:


From 2005-2010, he was in the Steeldrivers. Included are the two studio albums, plus the four songs from the “Get Low” movie soundtrack . The limited-release “Live From The Station Inn” album from 2006 isn’t on YouTube, but most of the songs showed up on the studio albums.

The Jompson Brothers released just one studio album, in 2010, but they kept making new music for a couple more years, and were working on an album when the band broke up (when Chris landed the solo contract). There are many cell phone videos of live performances of songs that were never on any album.

He still did some bluegrass after leaving the Steeldrivers, also. My list also includes some live bluegrass performances of Chris Stapleton and friends like Ronnie Bowman, Shawn Camp, and Jimmy Stewart.

The outstanding limited-release 44-song set “The Essential Chris Stapleton” from 2014 isn’t on streaming services, so I can’t include it, but it’s worth seeking out.

My list includes some songs by other artists where Chris Stapleton sings backup vocals.

I have a separate “Written By Chris Stapleton” playlist for songs that he has writing credits on that were performed by other artists:


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