6/26/20 Bill Monroe Statue – Where’s The Media ?

Bluegrass Today is one of the very few sites (Bluegrass Life is another) who reported that the Bill Monroe statue by the Ryman was damaged by the June 1st riot: https://bluegrasstoday.com/bill-monroe-statue-moved-from-the-ryman-for-repair/

The statue has been sent off for repair, with the hope that it will be ready this fall.

There has been inexcusably little media coverage of this. I refuse to accept the destruction of history as any sort of “new normal.” I have little use for anyone covering for, sympathizing with, making excuses for, or otherwise supporting the terrorists.

2 thoughts on “6/26/20 Bill Monroe Statue – Where’s The Media ?

  1. I am surprised that not more damage was done to the Monroe statue. Yes, Mr. Monroe has some skeletons in his closet, and if the narrow-minded rioters had learned of them, they would have done to the Monroe statue the same that they have done to dozens of others around the country. Moreover, associations such as the IBMA have cowered to the protesters. It is no wonder that they have not requested bluegrass radio stations to discontinue playing certain bluegrass songs that have Southern themes so as not to offend anyone. The IBMA has become highly hypocritical in the past few years, and will move more in that direction in the future.

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