2/7/20 One Fine Day

My brother got out of the hospital yesterday, and is doing much better now.

I was able to get a ticket to Robby Turner’s fundraiser in Nashville February 26th just now, so I need to figure out travel plans. In addition to the fact that it’s a good cause, it is an unbelievably good lineup for a venue that small.

Today turned out to be very busy for new releases, and it will take a while to listen to even a fraction.

There are some new additions to the 2020 Country Plus Showcase: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLkY8-UOMZQ0_fegAUAQ0SSPe6xLZaDjdg

I included several songs from the new Steeldrivers album on my 2020 bluegrass Spotify list (hear also the new ones from Barefoot Movement): https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6TCsrUUUUHJrVEjCjQVOPV?si=jzTwLSOeQUKrtXcpmgNIyA

John Moreland’s new album includes a tribute to the Chris Porter. I saw Chris Porter at Kentuck Arts Festival in Northport, Alabama in 2016, just days before his passing.

James Steinle’s new album includes a duet with Juliet McConkey, who lives here in San Marcos.

Lena Paige’s new album includes a guest spot from Tanya Tucker, so if you’re looking for young artists with traditional leanings, check this album out.

Hannah Jackson released an EP a few days ago, and she’s another good young artist with a traditional-leaning sound.

I know there’s plenty more to check out, but this is a good lot to get the ball rolling.

2 thoughts on “2/7/20 One Fine Day

    1. Thanks so much. My brother is doing much, much better now. He had a foot infection, and spent a couple of days in the hospital taking IV antibiotics, but he responded well, and he just has to take antibiotic pills for a couple of weeks. He’ll be fine to go back to work Monday, and we’ll see Reckless Kelly and Eleven Hundred Springs at the Texas Music Scene Monday evening.

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