2019 – New Year, New Music

Let’s see what we can find…

Beegie Adair’s “Grover’s Hat Project” is a jazz album, but includes big country names like Vince Gill, Ray Stevens, and Connie Smith.

Dennis Alan’s new album is in the traditional country category: The Last Cowboy

For old-time and bluegrass covers, check out the Rocky Face Ramblers’ self-titled album.

The August Empire released a self-titled album. From the description, expect something Americana. I haven’t gotten to listen to any of this one yet.

Here is the start of my 2019 Country Plus Showcase

I have been making YouTube lists like this since 2015. I include a variety of styles, and everything from the biggest names to people  who are unfamiliar to most.


4 thoughts on “2019 – New Year, New Music

  1. As a big fan of Ray Stevens I’ve purchased the recordings he did with Beegie Adair. The song they perform is “That’s My Desire” and it’s unique because within the context of the jazz album he performs it straight but then, in what’s promoted as a bonus track, the same song is performed comically…comical one-liners and verbal sound effects from Ray are inserted into the recording. It’s a Spike Jones-type of production as far as the comical version of “That’s My Desire” is concerned…but it demonstrates how Ray can either play it straight or play it funny with the same song.

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    1. I enjoyed attending Ray’s interview session at CMA Fest last June. As luck would have it, we happen to be watching his CabaRay show on RFD-TV right now. It’s cool that you mention Spike Jones, because my parents had records from Spike Jones and Tom Lehrer and Homer and Jethro and other funny novelties of yesteryear. They also had some funnies from Ray Stevens. Mom got to meet Spike Jones one time when she was young, and Spike played at the Bama Theatre in Tuscaloosa.


      1. I’ve only attended a few concerts of Ray Stevens. I saw him in Renfro Valley, KY; I seen him at a venue called The Little Nashville Opry in Nashville, Indiana which no longer exists; and last year (hard to believe it’s nearly a year already) but last March my brother and I seen him at the CabaRay showroom in West Nashville (a suburb called Bellevue). His CabaRay opened in January of 2018 and so it had only been operational a couple of months. There’s been a lot more interior updates and merchandise added to the gift shop area based on the various photos and video clips that have emerged from the showroom in the months since I was there in person. I posted my experience in Nashville and at the CabaRay in my fan created blog post which is entirely focused on the career and music (past and present) of Ray. https://accountryfan.blogspot.com/2018/03/ray-stevens-cabaray-and-me.html

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  2. That is cool ! The CMA deal is the only time I have seen him in person. He was scheduled to be on the Opry one time that I had a ticket, but he had to cancel because he got sick. The CabaRay venue looks like somewhere we would enjoy, so if we do end up getting to go to Nashville this year, we will check the schedule. We often watch Larry’s Country Diner on RFD, and a few of those episodes were filmed at CabaRay.


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