10/30/18 Western Albums

Colter Wall’s album is probably the most familiar to the “country music” community at large , so I’ll start with it: Songs of the Plains

The High Country Cowboys enjoy much critical acclaim in the world of western music. If you like yodeling, then be sure to listen to these guys: Great American Cowboy

Brenn Hill’s ReRides album was released in early January.

Dom Flemons’ Black Cowboys is part of the Smithsonian Folkways series.

The Riders in the Sky are a staple at the Grand Ole Opry, and the group has some members in common with Vince Gill’s Time Jumpers. If you get Sirius XM, be sure to check out Ranger Doug’s Cowboy Corral on Willie’s Roadhouse on Sunday mornings. Here’s 40 Years the Cowboy Way

Ranger Doug also released an album this summer: Songs of the Frontier. The first song on the record is one of the most famous western songs, Blue Juniata. The song was written in 1844 (!!!) by a lady named Marion Dix Sullivan.

Asleep at the Wheel is another of the longest-running and most accomplished western swing bands. Here’s New Routes

Cheryl Deseree’s western swing album Dreamy includes guest spots from both Riders in the Sky and Ray Benson of Asleep at the Wheel.

Wylie & the Wild West is another act that has been around awhile. Wylie Gustafson is the yodeler who sang the Yahoo jingle many years ago. 2000 Miles From Nashville

The Cowboy Way released an album just a few weeks ago: Go West

The Western Swing Authority’s brand new album features many guests: Big Deal

Lindi Ortega’s album sounds like a western movie soundtrack: Liberty

Sarah Vista also draws inspiration from the spaghetti westerns: Killing Fever

Tish Hinojosa’s ode to the west includes Mexican folk influences: West


3 thoughts on “10/30/18 Western Albums

  1. Among some other recent additions, Red Shahan’s Culberson County also fits, as does Marty Stuart’s Way Out West. Dusty Rust’s Stolen Horse is also another one that’s gotten overlooked this year. Personally, I’ve never been out West really (El Paso, but only for a few days), but I’ve always been fascinated with albums that focus on it.

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    1. Thanks ! I have songs from both Red Shahan’s album and Dusty Rust’s on my 2018 list, but I somehow missed including them when I threw together this post. I’ve been pretty busy with some other stuff, and made out a few days’ posts the other day when I had a little time. Marty’s album was last year, and Gwen Sebastian and Ned Ledoux are a couple more from 2017. Speaking of which, Ned Ledoux released a video this week for “Brother Highway” on CMT, and I plan to include it on my YouTube list when it becomes available there.

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      1. Ah, my mistake. I didn’t realize they were albums just from this year. That’s actually quite amazing at many have been released just this year though!

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