10/24/18 India and Sri Lanka

I scour the globe for country music. Here’s the 2006 album from Bobby Cash of Clement Town, Dehradun, India. The Indian Cowboy enjoyed some success in Australia: State of My Heart

He has also recorded albums in Hindi that don’t sound country.

Anyway, here’s a brand new video from Ricky Cash, whom I’ll assume is Bobby’s son: Kar Liya

Ramesh Weeratunga was born in Sri Lanka, but moved to Germany as an adult, and has since passed away. In 2009, he released an epic Bollywood version of Ring of Fire.

Here’s my International Country Music 2018 YouTube playlist. It’s heavy on Europe, but Australia, Asia, South America, and Mexico are represented, too. I put the couple of songs that aren’t in English at the end.



5 thoughts on “10/24/18 India and Sri Lanka

  1. This is a random comment but have you heard Garrett Bryan’s Album Break The Levee. Truely an amazing project no one is talking about that you should listen to man especially the songs Dammit Diana and Deon Delray And Daddy. Listen to it if you got the time man its songwriting at its best

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    1. Good call on this one. “Alaska” is the song I chose for the playlist, because it fit my block of songs about states and places, but these are all good songs. I notice on his page that he was Shooter Jennings’ opener at Gruene Hall just a few days ago, when I was out of town.


    1. I’m constantly amazed by the sheer number of albums being released every week. So much gets lost in the shuffle, especially if it’s not an established name, record label, etc. The singer-songwriter vibe reminds me a little of Zack Logan’s album a couple of months ago, that also got very little coverage anywhere.


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