10/5/18 New Albums

Here’s a few:

Eric Church, “Desperate Man”

T.J. Hernandez, “Who I Am”

Tyler Resch, “Highways & Honkytonks”

Judah Kelly, “Real Good Time”

Michael Martin Murphey, “Austinology – Alleys of Austin”

Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band, “Poor Until Payday”

George Ensle, “Home”

Missy Raines, “Royal Traveller”

Canaan Bryce, “Hwy 287”

J Shields and The Honey Spoons, “Damn Good Alibi”

Heather Morgan, “Borrowed Heart”

J.P. Harris, “Sometimes Dogs Bark At Nothing”

Town Mountain, “New Freedom Blues”

The Old Time Snake Milkers and Hoot and Holler, “Milkers and Hollers”

For King & Country, “Burn the Ships”

Hymn For Her, “Pop ‘n’ Downers”

Jim Wyly, “The Artisan”

Various artists, “Average Joes Entertainment: 10 Years”

Philippe Bronchtein, “Me and The Moon”

Will Hoge, “My American Dream”

Tim Thurman, “Tim Thurman – EP”

Nick Nichols, “Hometown USA”

The Misty Mountain String Band, “Kentucky Bound”

The Patrick Brothers, “The Old Steam Engine’s Gone”

Panhandle Dirt Band, s/t

The Sweet Jelly Rolls, “Smokin’ Darts & Breakin’ Hearts”

Jared Waggoner, “Borrowed Time”

Whiskey Crossing, “Southern Soul”

Rudi Ekstein, “Carolina Chimes”

The Bonfire Choir, “Neon Room”

Mando Salas, “Forever”

New Songs:

Hank Williams, Jr, “Take A Knee, Take A Hike”

Sydney Adams, “I Don’t Care”

Ben Fuller, “Dirt Road to Nahville”

Alexa Kishner, “Moving On”

Lauren Alaina, “Ladies in the 90s”


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