10/4/18 Hal Bruni, Today’s Featured Artist

The Last Honkytonk Music Series visits Kent Black’s BBQ in San Marcos, Texas the last Sunday of every month. Since I’m a transplant from Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and the series is in honor of Wayne Mills, who was a staple of the Tuscaloosa music scene for years, the series is like a slice of home. As luck would have it, this past Sunday’s guest was Hal Bruni , and it turns out that we have Tuscaloosa friends in common.

In addition to his many originals, he played a number of choice covers during his three-hour set. If you’re a fan of Wayne Mills, Dallas Moore, Kyle Wilson, Jamey Johnson, Chris Stapleton, Willie,Waylon, and Johnny, you’re in luck.

Last month, he released a 6-song EP, but it’s just the first of three: Painkillers: The S&M Sessions, Vol. 1.

For my YouTube list, I picked The Ballad of Shaky Jake


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