9/25/19 Today’s Featured Album, Jason Eady’s “I Travel On”

Carrie Underwood’s new album is the main news story in country at the moment, with the best debut sales week of any country album in over three years.

There’s not a lot I can really add to that, though, so my post today will be about Jason Eady’s August album release, “I Travel On.” Where’s his radio play? I’m not referring to just “mainstream,” either. I looked at the recent Americana radio chart, and he isn’t on the top 50 there. The Americana station in my area, KNBT, does play him quite a good bit, but apparently, the rest of the country is missing out. What about Texas Regional Radio ? He’s nowhere on the recent top 115 airplay chart. How does that happen ? Come on, radio ! Give the guy a chance.

I’ll also mention that I taped the AXS television coverage of Farm Aid. The single best thing I heard from anyone there was Chris Stapleton’s “Scarecrow In The Garden.” To tie back to the other parts of today’s post, I’ll mention that Chris Stapleton’s last show in 2015 before his huge breakout at CMA was with Jason Eady in New Braunfels, Texas, and Morgane Stapleton’s biggest songwriting hit was “Don’t Forget To Remember Me” on Carrie Underwood’s first album.


2 thoughts on “9/25/19 Today’s Featured Album, Jason Eady’s “I Travel On”

  1. +1 on Jason Eady
    Saw him and the band this summer and bought the record a month before release.
    Wonderful songwriting and music.
    If there was any reward for skill in the industry this guy is already a star imho.

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    1. I’ve seen Jason Eady a few times, and Courtney Patton a couple of times. They seem like such nice people, in addition to making good music. The radio stations in my area like KNBT have been playing them a good bit. Hopefully, more people nationally will find them and give them a chance. I saw Sunny Sweeney again last week, and she is planning to get back in the studio later this year to work on her next album,


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