8/7/18 Carson Robison

Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame member Carson J Robison (1890-1957) is “probably the most recorded singer-songwriter in country music history.” “He traveled with his group to Great Britain and Ireland in 1932, 1936 and 1939, becoming the first act to take country music overseas. ”

Let’s kick things off with Top 100 Classics – The Very Best of Carson Robison.

So, why isn’t he in the Country Music Hall of Fame ? He certainly appears to have an impressive resume. He even has a mention in the CMHOF profile for Vernon Dalhart, and played guitar on country music’s first million-selling song: Wreck of the Old ’97.

Moving on from Vernon Dalhart, Carson contributed such varied songs as Barnacle Bill the SailorA Chaw of Tobacco and a Little Drink , Nothin’ ,   Sleepy Rio Grande Waltz , and Carry Me Back To The Lone Prairie.

Here’s his discography on Hillbilly-Music.

Carson Robison released some country songs during WWII with decidedly political themes. Some of these were quite popular at the time, though I’ll give fair warning that some of these are “politically incorrect” today. There’s We’re Going To Have To Slap The Jap and Mussolini’s Letter to Hitler and even a WWII version of Turkey in the Straw , which is credited as the 1942’s top selling country recording.

Life Gets Tee-jus , Don’t It was a “comeback hit” in 1948. Here’s the Hank Williams, Jr cover of the song.

Here’s Yodelin’ Tex in 1950, at 60 years old. Here’s a funny political song from 1952: Will Someone Please Tell Me Who To Vote For. In 1956, the year before he died, Carson Robison released a rockabilly novelty: Rockin’ and Rollin’ With Grandmaw.


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