7/21/18 Drawing The Line Somewhere

I post about all sorts of country music and related genres. I chose not to post one of yesterday’s album releases, though. Call me an old-fashioned relic, but when I listen to country music, I do not want to hear an eleven-year-old singing, “You put the boom boom boom in my body.”

Just no.


2 thoughts on “7/21/18 Drawing The Line Somewhere

  1. I haven’t heard that EP and don’t plan on it. I’m sure the cover of the Hank Williams tunes are nice (or is it just Lovesick Blues on there? I don’t know without googling honestly), but to see other tracks (Yo Da Lady Hee Hoo or something like is one of the worst titles I’ve seen) turns me off from wanting to hear it. I wish him the best but I feel had his career has been manipulated like this.

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  2. Yeah, I’m in the same boat. I saw Grady Smith’s mention of this particular line, and also looked up the lyrics for “The Way I See It,” with such age-inappropriate lines as “Six string in my hands right next to you, If we’re talking about heaven, this night already been” and “The way I see it
    You sow your wild oats.” This sounds like Florida Georgia Line material. I dislike when adults sing stupid, pandering music, but using a kid to sell it is beyond the pale.


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