3/20/18 Academy of Western Artists Awards Winners

The AWA awards were announced March 15th, but are up on the web site now: 22nd Annual Academy of Western Artists “Will Rogers Awards”

I’m unfamiliar with most of these, but Cheryl Desere’e hosted the Ameripolitan Awards fashion show in Memphis. She is currently raising funds for her next album. It looks like we can expect everything from country to Samoan, from jazz to yodeling, a song with Ray Benson and a song with Riders in the Sky.

Here were the finalists vying for the awards (and the “album” categories are likely of most interest): AWA finalists  One of the album finalists was Leslie Tom for her EP last year. Her first full-length album in twelve years is out this week, and can be streamed here: Ain’t It Something, Hank Williams


2 thoughts on “3/20/18 Academy of Western Artists Awards Winners

  1. The Crabgrass Cowboys consist of Hapi McKenzie and Patty Pfister,based out of Tampa Florida (we travel and would love to reach a larger audience), would you have any suggestions? We have you tubes of live performances (you tube/crabgrass cowboys) and 10 cd’s on our indie label of original music.
    Thank you, your saddle pals,
    Hapi and Patty


    1. Thanks so much for stopping by. I look forward to listening to your music. I don’t know how to reach a larger audience myself, as this blog is just a small hobby project with few viewers and no commercial aspect, so I don’t really know what to suggest. I look forward to checking out your music. Thanks again and best wishes !


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