3/2/18 New Music Friday

Nefesh Mountain’s new album is a bluegrass celebration of the group’s Jewish heritage, and some elite bluegrass musicians help them out. Here’s a bluegrass song in Hebrew: Oseh Shalom

Dallas Moore has been on the road for many years, often playing over three-hundred dates a year, and many of those shows are three or four hours. He released the title song “Mr. Honky Tonk” last summer, which led off a five-song block of songs with “honky tonk” in the title on the 2017 New Country Showcase

Trisha Gene Brady (formerly of the Black Lillies) released a five-song EP, and there’s lots of steel guitar. Here’s one of the songs: Wasted Teardrops

Josh Grider’s new album should play well on mainstream Texas radio, and he released the video for the title track Good People weeks ago, which has a similar appeal as Luke Bryan’s “Most People Are Good.”

The Nouveaux Honkies and The Whiskey Wolves of the West have new full-length  albums out that I will check out when I get the time, if for no other reason than the band names.

Vivian Leva has a new, full album out today, and her sound combines high bluegrass vocals with country songcraft and instruments. Jodee Lewis is another artist I’d describe in the same general terms.

Joe Vickers has a new album called “Notes From A Wood Burning Stove.” Here’s Wood Burning Stove

Robynn Shayne brings a Texas honky tonk sound, and she has a drinkin’ song out today: Coffee Days and Whiskey Nights

Wyatt Espalin released a 6-song folk EP, including Alma

Grassicana group Brothers Egg released a 9-song album. They released a video for one of the songs last year: Lost in Space



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