3/1/18 Another Cool Post

Few Miles South is a rising group from Georgia released a 5-song EP on 2/23. I don’t do “reviews” as such here, but will mention that the video for one of these songs was released last year, and has a spot on my 2017 New Country Showcase , and another of the songs landed on my 2018 New Country Showcase .

Oh, and I actually received a few views for the post a few days ago about teenage country singers. My posts usually receive zero views, so go figure. In that spirit, here are Kacey Musgraves’ early indie albums from 2002 & 2003, when she was around the age of the kids I featured in that post: Movin’ On  and Wanted: One Good Cowboy . I’m a huge fan of old western music, and the early stars like Patsy Montana , so it’s  great to hear their influence carry through to today’s stars. Kacey was a champion yodeler when she was very young, winning awards from organizations like The Academy Of Western Artists – 2002 Western Music Yodeler


2 thoughts on “3/1/18 Another Cool Post

  1. “My posts usually receive zero views”

    I always read them, although sometimes for convenience purposes I’ll read them from the email I get (it gives me the whole post). I do appreciate you posting something everyday though! You’ve always got unique content, and you definitely are more knowledgeable than other writers.

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    1. I wasn’t trying to complain. It’s always a curiosity to see what readers respond to. I see the same deal on the bigger blogs like SCM. He’ll post something outstanding like the Marty Stuart museum, and it’ll get five comments or so, then one of his columns about some random will set off fireworks. As a side note, I’ve been meaning to get to Caleb Caudle’s album. I first heard of him last year when he had a song “Tuscaloosa,” which happens to be my hometown.

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