1/31/18 More Music

Samantha Fish is generally labelled as “blues,” but y’all will like this. Samantha Fish Live at Paste Studios  She is based in Kansas City, as is country artist Sara Morgan. There are lots of YouTube videos of them doing shows together.  Sara’s recent country album “Average Jane” deserves attention, especially the songs Average Jane and Never Been to Nashville

I maintain an all-genre playlist of instrumentals, with everything from early electronica to bluegrass. Interesting Instrumentals And Stuff Recent additions are from the French master of the modern hurdy gurdy, Guilhem Desq, Le château magique     Front-porch blues great Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band, Axe Guitar Blues  a Dutch bluegrass group that brought in an Uilleann Pipe player: Red Herring Band, Pigs Upon A Ninja   The Time Burners’ 2018 album includes the kazoo-driven Spiffy Chicken   and here’s some 1927 Hawaiian guitar: Sol Hoopii’s Novelty Trio, 12th Street Rag

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