1/12/18 New Music Friday

Fortunately, I had some time this morning to listen to some things. A few thoughts:

  • Swedish band “Hold Your Horses” released their first full-length album, “Broken Bones and Shattered Dreams,” and it’s early in the year, so I’m looking for under-the-radar music to add to my 2018 New Country Showcase
  • Mickey Lamantia’s album “Every Bad Habit” is mostly outlaw country that I don’t get into all that much (outlaw this and outlaw that), but here’s a couple of songs that deviate from that theme: “How Do I Say Goodbye” is very heartfelt, and “Heavy Dose of You” is a love song.
  • Robert Ray’s album “Run Away With You” – first couple of songs I heard didn’t grab me, but the song “Doctor Time” is catchy, and placing such a title after Lamantia’s “Heavy Dose of You” seemed like a very natural fit.
  • The World Famous Grassholes’ “The Outlaw Janey Jenkins” is another I found this morning when looking around. Here’s their song Pedicab Pervert  . I don’t know that it fits any of my playlists, but kudos for doing something different.
  • The Time Burners released their album “The Girl Can Cook” earlier this week, but I’ll mention it here, since a selection did made my list. This is a husband-and-wife group from Nebraska.
  • Milan Miller’s “Timepiece” is a bluegrass EP available on Airplay Direct.
  • Oil’s “Wild Geese” EP has an oddball folk charm. There wasn’t a song that really fit my playlist, but here’s a song St. Peter’s Lament
  • I’ll close out the post with a decidedly non-country oddball: Shonen Knife covering Weird Al Yankovic’s parody of Michael Jackson on the new album ” Dr. Demento Covered in Punk”: Eat It

One thought on “1/12/18 New Music Friday

  1. Thanks for passing on Robert Ray. He seems like a younger guy, so I can see why there’s some issues with the album. Sounds like he’s holding back some. Still, this is very nice neo-traditional country music. Thanks for the other names as well!

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