11/9/17 CMA Highlights Recap

Yes, country music was represented at the CMA, believe it or not. The Willie Nelson & Glen Campbell duet won for music event. One of my favorite shows in Nashville is the weekly residency New Monday at the Station Inn, and Glen Campbell fans especially should check that out. The last time I was there, Ashley Campbell and Carl Jackson performed together…

How awesome was Alan Jackson to close the show ? The one concert that most inspired me to flip a switch from being a passive music listener to someone who attends live music events regularly was Alan Jackson (with openers including Chris Stapleton) in Panama City Beach, Florida a couple years ago. And speaking of Chris, there’s a  possibility that he could top the weekly country album chart with three different albums in 2017, so good for the CMA to recognize him, even if radio does not. Miranda Lambert has been featuring the very most traditional country songs from her recent album as of late. Carrie Underwood put her soaring vocals to great use, and while some might tire of Miranda and Carrie “winning everything” over other women for the last decade, performances like last night prove why they deserve to be at or near the top.

Anyway, for the most part, I like supporting little acts as much as the big acts, if for no other reasons than that they’re generally closer, cheaper, and appreciate the support more. I think my brother and I were the only two people who stayed for the whole three-hour show for a recent act that was pretty darn good.  My 2017 New Country Showcase is closing in on 200 songs. I was sorry to have to remove a couple of good ones, because they showed up as broken links on the list.




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