4/16/17 update – Easter Sunday ! 2017 New Country Showcase is up to 1,425 views. 70 or so songs have shuffled on and off the list, which is currently at 50 songs. I was getting a little too weighted toward bluegrass. I haven’t gotten much traffic on Robert’s Country Blog-Facebook , but will continue to add photos and such there.

3/22/17 update- Spotify sampler – a few of the artists I saw at SXSW 2017. Different genres are included, but there’s a good bit of country: 2017 SXSW Spotify Sampler- Artists I Saw

3/20/17 update – Not that anyone reads this, but I attended the last four days of SXSW unofficial showcases, and put up several dozen photos on the FB page. Unofficial SXSW Album

3/10/17 update – Added Robert’s Country Opinion Facebook  I will add interactive content there, and keep the main page here mostly the play lists.

3/7/17 update – Thanks for the response to the page, which I started just after the first of the year ! New Country Showcase on Youtube has over 700 page views, so as long as I keep finding songs that folks enjoy listening to, I’ll keep growing this thing. I don’t get anything out of it, other than satisfaction in finding some good music. I had planned to have more like 10-20 songs by this point in the year than the current 43, so I’ll probably cycle some of these off as new things come in. I also filled out the Americana Spotify to 100 songs.

As with the  2015-2016 Country & Western Playlist, the goal of the 2017 New Country Showcase is to showcase a wide variety of country, bluegrass, Americana music that is mostly beneath the radio top 40. I also maintain a variety of other playlists at  MyYoutubeChannel including some other genres of music.

Also, I’ll be adding things to MySpotifyChannel   , such as Southern Rock 2010-     A Little Space In The Country  Foot Stompin’ Music  World of Country     13 Country Ghosts     Songs About Alabama     Country Angels and Devils       Country From the Heart    Old Country Dozen     Newer Outlaws     Tulsa     All-Genre Mix   Americana 2015-2017    Dog Gone Dozen

MySpace Stapleton and More

MyPandoraStations         Reverbnation CountrySongs      ReverbNation Southern Rock   Soundcloud Stapleton and More


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